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Wandering Thoughts

Apr. 7th, 2009

02:42 pm - Something to think about

 A couple months ago I had someone ask me a question that has stayed with me. She commented that it was 'a question pulled from a hat'. I have wondered many times since about that 'hat'. 
 The question was something like this: 'How do you in your everyday life "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might"? (Deut. 6:5. Also found in Matthew 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27)  How does that play out on a daily basis? One thing I find myself asking is: am I doing this in my everyday life, not just how am I doing it.

  Just thought I'd share this with all of you. Give you a chance to think on it as well.

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Dec. 7th, 2008

08:30 pm

Today has been a beautiful sunny day...a bit on the cold side, but with sunshine the cold didn't seem so bad. Especially when I could stay in here by a nice cozy fire. And, yes, I know, we're almost warm compared to other areas of the country. I still think it's cold in the low 30's. Right now it's 24 degrees. That's -4.44 Celsius...for those who want to know. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow and nearly to 60 (15.5C), although, with rain.

When my daughter was here, she always wanted the muffins browner than they were when the timer indicated they were done.  I left some in a little bit longer just for her. I still don't think they were brown enough, it so happens I like them brown, too.  Well, I figured out how to make them brown...bake them in the wood stove oven. I've ended up with some wonderfully brown cornbread muffins and biscuits. And, just to show them, here's a picture.  
     They were wonderful!

Okay, so I need to go follow the tutorial Anna made for flowerppot . Then I'll know how to wrap my text around, beside, or whatever a picture. Perhaps another time.

It's late enough for me to quit for this time.

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Dec. 1st, 2008

12:43 pm

Thanksgiving is over and we're into another week already. It's interesting how when you're planning for something, it always seems so far off. THEN, it's here and gone way too quickly.
We really enjoyed having our daughter and family here, along with our oldest son and his daughter. And, of course, our son who lives here and his family. Oh, and we don't want to forget the granddaughter's boyfriend, who seems like a nice young man. The younger grandchildren sure did like him!! We had 16 for our Thanksgiving meal. It was a wonderful meal of things grown on the farm. We had two turkeys, as Darryl just wasn't sure one would be enough...as it turned out, it would have been enough with no left overs. I was very thankful for the 2nd one, as with everything else leftover that took care of Friday's food. Sure made it easier on me. On Saturday, we had a brunch of pancakes, venison steaks (small), eggs, blueberry muffins and fruit salad. Then later a meal of venison roast with potatoes, vegetables, and salad. All of it was yummy...and I didn't have to cook all of it.  

The travelers left for home yesterday morning at 9 o'clock. That should have gotten them home somewhere between 6 and 7. It didn't work out quite that way...was 11 or after before they made it. Traffic was bad up near Chicago, plus there was snow. We heard the weather reports and were a mite (understatement) concerned about them traveling. It sounds like traffic was the biggest problem and they think it'll be a loooong time before they travel on a holiday weekend again. Can't say I blame them at all. Maybe they'll pick a time and come just because...sure do hope so, as it was wonderful having them here!!! Sure do wish we lived closer together. Somehow I think they'll say it's our doing as we're the ones who moved away. We used to be less than 4 hours apart. Of course, there was still that nasty Chicago traffic between us!

The dryer just beeped, so I better go take care of it. I haven't used the dryer for most of the last two months, so this feels like pure luxury. When your electric bill increases by 20% you find ways to cut down your usage. Today we're having snow flurries, so it really isn't conducive to hanging things outside, therefore, I'm using the dryer. :)

Nov. 26th, 2008

09:51 pm

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. I'm happy to have 3 of our 4 children here and 7 of the 10 grandchildren. We would love to have the others, but it just couldn't be this year. We'll just be thankful for what we've been given!!

The plan for the meal tomorrow is to have mostly things that have been raised or grown on the farm. Darryl dressed two turkeys today. He did one, then decided it just wasn't enough for 16 people, so another one had to be dressed. Isn't that an interesting term, dressed. Why is it called that when it really seems they are being undressed? Oh, well, it is what it is.

I baked 3 pumpkin pies today. Perhaps more would have been nice, but after fussing with the crust, I know 3 is plenty. Told Garry I didn't think I'd ever make a REAL pie again. There are so many yummy desserts using the same ingredients without having to make and roll out a pie crust. So next year, if I make a pumpkin dessert for Thanksgiving, it'll probably be Pumpkin Pie Squares. Of course, I'll probably make them before then, as I did can pumpkin this summer, so need to use it somehow. Speaking of using pumpkin, I learned that it's good in soups. You don't taste the pumpkin and it tends to make the soup creamy. Plus think of the added food value. Don't ask me what pumpkin has in it, I really don't know, but I'm sure it's good for you. :)

Fixed some other food for tomorrow and throughout the weekend. It'll be interesting fixing for a larger number of people when I'm used to just the two of us. I don't plan on spending all my time cooking, where's the fun in that?? Have decided some of the canned chili will come in quite handy, then all I have to do is make cornbread. Already have the homegrown corn ground ready to go. Darryl grew corn this year and he gave some to us the other day. I'm sure it'll be good! Years ago, we let the little nubbins on our sweet corn dry and used that for cornbread, it was really good. So I'm sure this will be.

It's beginning to feel like bedtime. The kids from Wisconsin and Illinois should be here in an hour or so. They were held up in Chicago traffic. I hope they're having a good time visiting as they travel down here. Now if I can just stay awake until they arrive here. Even our little dog is thinking it's bedtime. :)

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Nov. 17th, 2008

08:06 pm - Rambling

How ever did it get to be Nov. 17? It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago that 2008 was just beginning. Now we have 6 weeks before 2009. I'm always amazed at the fast passage of time. How does that happen?

It's still hunting season...runs through this coming Sunday. The guys have been getting up early and going out every morning. Today it paid off, as Darryl ended up with his 3rd one. All 3 were shot in the same area. Garry hasn't seen any for a few days...maybe tomorrow will be the day. So far we have 5 deer to share. The last two years between what the guys have gotten and the ones given to us, we have had 8 deer to share among the 3 families here. That is our meat supply...we don't buy any other. Oh, we also have some chicken...grown here on the farm. We have had more chicken this year, so perhaps 5 deer is enough. We are thankful for whatever God provides!

It has finally cooled off..feels more like winter. Temps are to drop into the mid 20's tonight. I should have taken pictures of the flowers still blooming. Leaves all over the place and petunias, impatiens, mums, begonias, allysum (however it's spelled), salvia, and I'm sure some others, are all still blooming. I strongly suspect tonight will be the end of them. We also have chard, onions and radishes in the garden. Well, maybe not radishes, I think Garry pulled all of them.   I love the longer season down here!!

My little puppy isn't so little. I weighed him yesterday and he is 11.5 pounds. Not exactly a small chihuahua. He isn't fat either. My mammy had a little dog that was fat...felt sorry for the little thing. Mammy hand fed her to make sure she ate, which she did to please mammy. We (didn't tell mammy) called her a blimp on stilts. I don't plan on letting my little guy get fat like that. He does like to eat, so suspect as he gets older I will have to be careful with feeding him.

Oh, I did something different this year. I canned dog/cat food. We used what we didn't want when dressing chickens (not entrails) that would normally have been thrown away. We dressed 100 plus chickens this summer, so had plenty for Anne to do for their cat and me for our dog/cats. Now we're using the scraps we cut off the venison...I had the liver and heart from today's.  I never would have thought of doing such a thing, except Darryl took something to a neighbor's and she was canning dog food. We decided that was a good idea. Sure beats buying canned food from the store, The dog loves it and one of the cats will eat it.

Well, I'm going to quit for now. Will catch up after the big LJ move. :)  

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Nov. 15th, 2008

08:32 pm - Restful Sabbath

Today has been an enjoyable day. To begin with I slept in nearly 50 minutes...got up at 6:48am instead of 6 am. Since the time change we have continued to get up when we did before. Just did not make sense to lose a whole hour of daylight...it gets dark way too early now, makes the afternoon seem way too short.

Back to this morning. My husband cooked breakfast. Before we were ever married he told me that he planned to fix breakfast on Sabbath morning. And he has, with very few exceptions over the past 44 years. I could probably count the times he didn't on one hand.  Now let me tell you about our breakfast this morning:  we had buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, steak (venison, of course), and eggs (from our chickens). And all of this was cooked on the wood stove. It was a yummy breakfast! Plus I enjoy knowing that at least this one day of the week, I will have the pleasure of a meal cooked by someone else. My husband is a good cook. He even made blueberry muffins a couple weeks ago.

Today I finished reading Daniel. I really have to wonder about chapter 11...who is the king of the North and the king of the South. And, who is this despicable man who will seize the kingdom by trickery? So many questions! It seems the more I read and learn, the more I realize I don't know.  I definitely need to do some further research and study on Daniel.

I made a coffee cake with hickory nuts in the topping. Was really good! We took it, while still warm, to the other family on the farm and shared. We had it with cream on top...a first for me. It was really quite good that way. They all appreciated us sharing and we appreciated visiting with them.  I had to read some books and share some snuggles with the children. That precious little Naomi had several hugs for me...she's a precious little girl.

Tonight Garry and I played Scrabble. We don't usually score super high and our scores stay pretty close together. Tonight he won by 6 points, I think. Might have been 7, really can't remember. He won last time, too, altho, I had won the 3 previous games. I suspect if one of us always trounced the other, the fun would go out of playing
. :)

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Nov. 14th, 2008

08:00 pm - Interesting Day

We had visitors today! Yesterday afternoon, Garry received a call from a friend he knew in High School. He saw this man at a McDonald's in Sullivan, IL, a little over a year ago. Before that I have no idea how long since he had seen him...at least a year or two, plus a whole lot more years. :) The two exchanged information at McDonald's...John said they get down this way and that he would call sometime when they did. This was that sometime.  So this morning we met them in town. They were driving a large RV, pulling a car, so couldn't very well turn around here at our place. I figured we'd visit an hour or so, then each go on our merry way. Well, as it turned out, we were sitting in their RV visiting, John said it's 12 o'clock, where's a nice Ma & Pa, Kentucky food restaurant we can go eat. Now, us, we don't go out and know nothing about the restaurants in town, so couldn't recommend any with confidence. So, my sweet husband said, 'if you're willing, we can just take you out to our house. We have some homemade chili canned and Connie can make up some cornbread. That way you can see where we live.'  So that is what we did.  I was really thankful to have the canned chili...besides this batch turned out really good. :)

Yes, I do know I've been neglecting Live Journal. Also, don't promise that it will become a regular thing, but perhaps I can manage to do a bit better than I have been. Wouldn't take much, I know.

My purry furry, a.k.a. Snickers, just crawled into my lap. She's been doing that a lot lately...I think she avoided me for a while...something about me having a dog in my lap. Now that it's cooler the dog stays pretty close to the heat, so that leaves my lap open for the cats. Both have been taking advantage of the opportunity for some personal time.

Our summer was really busy! Seems I didn't even have time to enjoy it. We had so much produce and I just kept canning it. I have no idea how many jars I filled, but a bunch. We had blackberries, peaches, blueberries, green beans, okra, corn (not much), apples, and pears. And probably some other things I'm not even thinking of. 

My husband likes to have juice to drink, so I canned a lot of tomato juice. Figured out we'd need 63 quarts for us each to have 1/2 cup per day...only figuring on drinking juice 28 days/month for 9 months. Garry felt that was being pretty skimpy to only have 1/2 cup at a time. :) As it turned out I made over 90 quarts, so he'll be able to have plenty. Plus I really don't think we'll drink it every day.

Perhaps this is enough! I really don't want to overdo it after not having written on here for so long. :))

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Dec. 10th, 2007

06:55 pm - Ear Worms

I have to wonder how often others have ear worms? I have had them off and on all my life. Now it wasn't until the last few years that I knew the proper name for them, nevertheless, I had them. Even as a child I can remember this irritating condition. And when you have them, there just doesn't seem much you can do to stop them.. And believe me, I have tried!!  The last week or so I have been dealing with one. The first part of last week, I had NPR radio station on while I was working, and that's when it started, and even though it is lessening, it's not over (the ear worm, that is). They played the Little Drummer Boy and that song keeps going over and over in my head.. I'll find myself humming or whistling AND, it's the Little Drummer Boy, don't even have to think about it, it just comes out. I've tried singing other songs to 'drown' it out, BUT that one song has worked it's way in --- it's an ear worm.   I know it will finally pass and I might have a month or two, maybe even longer before another one. It's been about 2 months since the last one, so we'll see.

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Dec. 8th, 2007

04:33 pm

Guess it's about time I get back to this. It's so easy to put off posting something. Last time we were preparing to make a trip to Texas...decided on Sunday morning to go and left on Wednesday morning. The good thing about that was not a lot of time to agonize over what to take. Just had to get busy and do it.

We had an uneventful trip on the way down. Of course, that's the kind we like. Arrived at mom's around noon on Friday. My sister hadn't told her until that morning that we were coming. Mom was sitting at the door watching for us. :)  Last year when we were there, mom had a stroke and lost the use of her right side.  I would love to say she was up and walking, but isn't so. She is now able to get in and out of bed by herself, bathe and dress herself. She walks some with a walker, a slow and tiring process for her. She had never gotten movement back into her right arm, but it's interesting, when she's using the walker she uses it to help move the walker...from her shoulder, I think.  Her left hand has been giving her some problem with numbness and pain. The chiropractor said she has a spur on a vertebrae that contributes to that. Last week her left hand was bad enough that she couldn't bathe herself for a few days. Sure hope that doesn't continue to get worse...then what will my little sis do????

Mom wanted to go through some things while we were there, so I was able to help her with that. One day I went over to her house and made lists of what was on each shelf in a couple closets. Then took the list back and read it to her. If there was a question I took the item to her. I offered to take a shelf's worth at a time to her so she could see them, but she didn't think that was necessary. One day, Roger was able to take her over to her house...not an easy thing with the steps. Anyway, mom was then able to have hands on to go through some of the boxes from her house that, thankfully, is now sold.  She did all this from her wheelchair, so I got to move things around for her. There were books, papers, rubbermaid containers, glasses, dishes, just a big assortment of odds and ends. We spent 2-3 hours at it.

One treasure I came away with was a stack of postcards. Ones that had been sent to my sisters and me while we were still at home. The deal was for me to sort and give to appropriate sister. Before I ever got to them, my sister from IN came down, so we sorted them together. It was really fun to see them. What amazes me is that mom kept them all these years!!!  I plan on putting mine into my childhood scrapbook. Just seems appropriate somehow.

We didn't go anywhere while in TX. I would rather spend my time with mom and my sis. Plus part of the reason for us going was to give my little sis a break.   Oh, Garry and I did go to the outlet mall one morning. I've been trying to find a short handled turner, but can't seem to find one. I hoped a kitchen store in the outlet mall would have one, but nope, just the long handled ones. Oh, well, eventually I'll find one. 

We took time to go to Padre Island on the way home. Didn't spend much time there, just enough to take a few pictures, feed the gulls, and enjoy the sound of the waves, AND the beauty. I would love to live close to some large body of water. We spent a night in the Dallas area with a high school friend of Garry's. I had never met these people, so was a bit leery about spending the night. Found out they are super nice people, the kind you feel like you've always known. Needless to say, we had a good time with them.

We arrived home on a Thursday afternoon. About 2 hours later, had a call from one of Garry's cousins saying her mother had died...she was 93. So on Sunday early we left for Illinois for a funeral, spent the night at another cousins, then came home on Monday.  That Friday our son and family left for North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  They were gone for 10 days.  It's just now beginning to feel more like normal around here.

I know lots more has happened, but this is long enough. Oh, I better not forget to mention that Garry, heap big hunter, 'got' his first deer this year. We had 6 others given to us. By to us, I mean the 3 families here on the farm. We work them up and divide 3 ways.  We feel so blessed to have meat in our freezers.

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Oct. 23rd, 2007

08:34 pm - Trip, rain, and whatever else I think of.....

It's raining! Sounds lovely. It started last evening, continued through the night, most of the day, and is still raining.  Last time we checked we had nearly 3 inches. Thankfully it has come down gentle enough that it isn't running off. In this area we are down 17 inches of normal rainfall. The drought isn't broken, but it sure gives hope. I feel for the people in Georgia, who have about 60 days of water left. Sure hope this storm will continue on east to them.

We're leaving for Texas in the morning. Our original plans were to go after Thanksgiving. We were talking about it on Saturday night and decided there was no reason NOT to go now. It still fairly warm so my husband won't have to worry about anything freezing. I kept telling him that's why we put in the heaters...so we could go places. Plus we have a son close who would take care of things for us. Anyway, the past 3 days we have been busy taking care of all the things that need done before leaving. I'm sure there'll be something we'll think about tomorrow that we should have done, but, oh, well...  I'm looking forward to seeing my mom, little sister and family, plus her in-laws. I really enjoy them all.  Now I'm not looking forward to the trip itself...getting out on these highways just makes me a mite nervous. Although, I know once we get started I'll be fine. It's usually the anticipation of it that bothers me.

We've gone a couple places within the state since I last wrote here. On Oct. 1, we went to Cumberland Falls State Park. It's about 2 hours from here. The falls are called 'the Niagara of the South'. Not as spectacular as Niagara falls, but still impressive. On a clear full moon night you can even see a moonbow, said to be the only place in the Western Hemisphere that happens. I put some pictures on Tabblo if you'd like to see them. We really enjoyed the day and hope to go back sometime after we've had more rain in the area. 

A couple days later we checked out Abraham Lincoln's birthplace at Hodgenville, KY. It was interesting. There's a state park on the site of his birth.  They have a replica of the house he was born in. In the town is a museum. And about 10 miles from there is a farm where he spent some of his childhood before the family moved to Indiana. It was an interesting day. And a very beautiful drive on a Kentucky Scenic Byway.

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